Online E-Book Business Opportunities: 4 Mistakes That Will Kill Your E-
Book Venture On The First Day.

With the internet, everything is going digital. New business opportunities based on the virtual platforms are popping up every day. Online e-book opportunities are some of the goldmines that the internet created. As a writer or an author, you do not have to rely on the publishers’ mercy to start earning from your books.

You can self-publish your books and start selling them online as e-books. But wait. So it is easy to write and start selling e-books online?  Even though it sounds easy, only a limited number of e-books see the light of the day. Many of them flop a day after their launching.

However, if you have a dream to publish and sell e-books, avoiding the following five mistakes will be the key to your success:

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a)    Choosing a topic, you do not know about

Even with Google and other research avenues, if you do not know about a given topic you will definitely fail. Writing is not all about providing information; it is doing so with a passion. Picking the wrong topic is an error that many e-book writers make.

For instance, you may think writing about Net Neutrality will make your e-books sell like a hot sandwich. However, to deliver the best, you must spend a lot of time on research and expert interview.

In the end, you might find that the topic you thought was a hot cake is now a non-issue. For this reason, always pick and write e-books on a topic you have adequate knowledge.

b)    Ignoring research

Whether you are a newbie or expert, when writing an e-book or a blog you need to conduct a research on the topic. One of the errors that most people venture in the online e-book opportunities is ignoring this part. They write books based on the presumed customer needs other than research.

As you know, needs are not permanent. What you might be writing about at the moment may become obsolete in the next few days or weeks. So, it is essential to conduct extensive research before settling to write ebooks you are seeking to sell online for a profit.

c)    Failing to plan your e-book schedules

The first step to a failed journey is failing to plan. Whether you are writing a five-page or a thousand-page e-book, planning is not just a word but a necessity. For success, you need to plan how to go about organizing the topics, writing the e-book, who to target, when to launch your book, and how to promote it.

Remember, selling ebooks online is not a quick fix opportunity. Instead it is a long-term business opportunity. Hence, you should develop an actionable plan through setting objectives and strategies to achieving them. If you don’t plan, then you will only succeed in the dream world and not on the reality.

d)    Not marketing or promoting you e-books

E-books are not food which without people cannot survive. For this reason, if you want to earn a profit on your online e-book opportunities, promoting your books is not optional. Even with a hot topic, no one will come for your books if you do not get the word out there.

You must invest your time and resources in marketing and promotion campaigns for you to make killing profits. Otherwise, if marketing is not your thing, just sit, relax, and start dreaming of great sales. You will definitely become a millionaire in the dream world!

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In summary, there are many online e-book opportunities available to an author, writer, or even anyone with the zeal of selling ebooks on the digital platforms. However, to make it big, you have to avoid one or all the above mistakes.